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  Below is a list of the products we use and their Material Safety Data Sheet as well as their Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service certificate if applicable.

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MSDS or AQIS to download that products certificate.
  MSDS   Material Safety Data Sheet. A form which lists the properties and hazards of a product or a substance.  
  AQIS The Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) is part of the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.  
Product Certificate Label Product Certificate Label
Aerothor Spray MSDS  AQIS   Maki Block MSDS  AQIS  
Alphachloralose MSDS    Maxforce Ant Granules MSDS  AQIS LABEL
Amdro Ant Bait MSDS  AQIS   Maxforce Cockroach Gel MSDS  AQIS LABEL
Avert Cockroach Gel MSDS  AQIS LABEL Maxforce Gold Cockroach Gel MSDS  AQIS  
Avigel Bird Control MSDS   Maxforce Insect Granules MSDS   AQIS LABEL
Baytex 550 MSDS  AQIS LABEL Maxforce  Ant Liquid Bait MSDS   AQIS  
Bestox pc50 Residuel MSDS  AQIS LABEL Maxforce  Prime Cockroach Gel MSDS   AQIS LABEL
Biflex Aquamax MSDS  AQIS LABEL Optem Duo MSDS   LABEL
Biflex Ultra Lo MSDS  AQIS LABEL Optigard Ant Gel MSDS LABEL
Blattathor Cockroach Gel MSDS  AQIS   Pestex Tablets MSDS LABEL
BOC Carbon Dioxide MSDS    Pestigas MSDS  AQIS LABEL
Brigade MSDS  AQIS LABEL Premise Cockroach Gel MSDS  AQIS LABEL
Chaindrite Insect Aerosol MSDS   Premise 200SC Termiticide MSDS  AQIS LABEL
Cislin 25 Professional Insecticide MSDS  AQIS LABEL Provoke Rat Attractant MSDS    
Cislin 25 Dust Insecticide MSDS  AQIS LABEL Provoke Mouse Attractant MSDS    
Cislin Ultra Aerosol MSDS  AQIS LABEL Pymatic Cans MSDS  AQIS  
Contrac Blox MSDS  AQIS LABEL Pyspray MSDS  AQIS  
Contrac Rat & Mouse Bait MSDS    Quick Bayt Spray MSDS  AQIS LABEL
David Grays Cricket Bait MSDS  LABEL Quick Bayt Granular MSDS  AQIS LABEL
Demand Insecticide MSDS  AQIS LABEL Rabbait Pindone Oat Bait MSDS   
Detex Blox MSDS  LABEL Racumin Rat & Mouse Paste MSDS  AQIS LABEL
Ditrac Blox MSDS  AQIS LABEL Racumin 8 Tracking powder MSDS  AQIS  
Ditrac Pellets MSDS    Racumin Rat & Mouse Blocks MSDS   LABEL
Dupont Advion Ant Gel MSDS  AQIS LABEL Rentokil Bromakil Rat Drink MSDS  AQIS  
Dupont Advion Cockroach Gel MSDS  AQIS LABEL Rodilon Rodenticide MSDS  AQIS  
Exterm-an-ant MSDS  AQIS LABEL Rudchem PY Fog MSDS  AQIS LABEL
Ficam D Insecticide MSDS  AQIS LABEL Rudchem PY Mist MSDS  AQIS  
Ficam W Insecticide MSDS  AQIS LABEL Scatterbird MSDS   
Goliath  Gel MSDS  AQIS LABEL Stratagem MSDS  AQIS  
Hostogel MSDS   Talon Rodenticide Pellets MSDS  AQIS LABEL
Insectigas D MSDS  AQIS   Talon Rodenticide Wax Blocks MSDS  AQIS LABEL
Invite Multi Lure Oil MSDS LABEL Termidor Residual Termiticide MSDS   AQIS  
Invade bio foam MSDS   Tempo Residual MSDS  AQIS LABEL
Killmaster Strips MSDS   Vapormate MSDS   

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